Learn more about Plan Bay Area 2040.

What is Plan Bay Area 2040?

Plan Bay Area 2040 is an updated long-range Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. This document discusses how the Bay Area will grow over the next two decades and identifies transportation and land use strategies to enable a more sustainable, equitable and economically vibrant future. Starting with the current state of the region, this document describes Plan Bay Area 2040 and its goals, a proposed growth pattern and supporting transportation investment strategy, and key actions needed to address ongoing and long-term regional challenges.

Who is responsible for developing Plan Bay Area 2040?

The plan is a joint effort of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the region’s transportation planning, financing, and coordinating agency, and the Association of Bay Area Governments, the regional planning agency and Council of Governments. Plan Bay Area 2040 is a limited and focused update of the region’s previous integrated transportation and land use plan, Plan Bay Area, adopted in 2013.

How do I navigate the Plan online?

From the Plan Bay Area 2040 homepage, just click one of the five chapters of the plan to explore further. Alternatively, use the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner of the page to quickly navigate to any other page on the site. When a chapter page is loaded, you’ll find a useful navigation menu on the left-hand side to jump to any section within the chapter itself. For other resources like Videos or Reports, access those links on the bottom of the homepage or through the dropdown menu. Search and Translate (Spanish and Mandarin Chinese) functions are also available.

The Reports page contains links to various Plan Bay Area 2040 supplemental reports, which provide more detail on specific subject areas covered in the plan, including equity and the environment, performance and public participation, land use, and transportation. A PDF copy of the plan can also be downloaded from the Reports page.

What other resources are available on Plan Bay Area 2040?

Project Website: PlanBayArea.org

Glossary: 2040.PlanBayArea.org/reports

Other Supplemental Reports: 2040.PlanBayArea.org/reports